Ben Affleck and Ellen DeGeneres work out how accents sound like. Ben really hits the dot in some cases, proving his incredible ability to come to grips with foreign or dialect accents. Watch this video and tell us what you think of the actor’s imitation!

Friends in London!

Joey and Chandler, two funny characters from one of the best TV sitcoms Friends, go to London. Once in the city, Joey’s goofy behaviour embarrasses Chandler. Can you identify some of the places they’ve visited or mentioned? Check this video and laugh along!

Oscar-winning actor, Javier Bardem, answers a few questions from TIME magazine readers.

During the six-minute interview, Javier Bardem talks to the TIME magazine reporter about his early acting studies and how actors are dealing with the current lack of jobs in the film industry; and how his performances come out so naturally that he finds it impossible to see his own films in the cinema. He also tells us the secret of his unique, powerful voice. And yes, you were right! It has to do with sports and fitness.

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