These are two hilarious videos on how co-workers cope with annoying situations from different perspective:

Catherine Tate is back! In this really funny video, she plays the part of a pesky co-worker who expects everyone to pay attention to her silliness. Check it out!

The other video  takes place in an American office. Cindy Delmont is a voluptuous lady who works for a big corporate body. She claims to have been harassed by a co-worker. Her boss, nastily, gets on her nerves because he can't make out what was really going on.

Are co-workers meant to be that annoying?

Two co-workers are fascinated by the new voice-recognition lift installed in their workplace. They get into the lift, comment on the cutting-edge system, and are prepared to undergo a unique experience. But there is an unexpected (not really) problem: they speak Scottish! So the machine has a bit of a job trying to recognize the floor selected.

Los títulos de Cambridge PET y FIRST son reconocidos internacionalmente para aquellas personas que son capaces de utilizar un inglés de uso cotidiano a nivel intermedio, tanto escrito como hablado. PET y FIRST equivalen a los niveles B1 y B2, respectivamente, del Marco común de referencia de lenguas europeas.

A CEO desperately needs to find someone that knows how to speak 7 languages, and he runs into Helen! She offers to translate into seven different languages. Yes, that’s right: SEVEN different languages. Don’t miss this funny video!

Can you identify the nationalities indicated? Do Spanish people really sound like that? Which translation is your favourite one?...

Check out this video and find out why New York is known as a “melting pot”. What do you think this is expression is used for? Is it used to describe people, food, etc.? Let us know your comments on this expression…

In the video, you’ll find where Juan, Mirko, Alva, Martin are from, how old they are, what their first language is, etc. Try to get as much information as possible through the video. Enjoy it!

Ben Affleck and Ellen DeGeneres work out how accents sound like. Ben really hits the dot in some cases, proving his incredible ability to come to grips with foreign or dialect accents. Watch this video and tell us what you think of the actor’s imitation!

Friends in London!

Joey and Chandler, two funny characters from one of the best TV sitcoms Friends, go to London. Once in the city, Joey’s goofy behaviour embarrasses Chandler. Can you identify some of the places they’ve visited or mentioned? Check this video and laugh along!

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