Prepare for the carnival with this vocabulary

Christmas is over, winter seems to be colder...but look at it on the bright side, you have a new year in order to accomplish your goals and to enjoy once again got it! Carnival! Shortly we will celebrate this festival full of colours, confetti and with the most original costumes! Do you already have yours?

The Carnival is a festival which is celebrated in different parts of the world, although for the majority of them the concept is similar: costumes, fireworks, parties, make-up, tinsel and above all.......Fun!

Preparing your costume can be a real adventure if you decide to make your own costume by hand. There are many options! You can put on anything from feathers to even a wig. If you on the contrary prefer to hide your identity......good make up and an original mask could be a great option.Once you are sure of what you are wearing, it is time to go to the party, to the parade or even aride on a float, why not?  Who knows,  without expecting it, you might  become the King or Queen of the Carnival!

You don´t like dressing-up ? No problem!.......this festival allows you to enjoy the most original and creative costumes that you can ever imagine, you only need to take a walk around the city and enjoy the most enjoyable creations.

You know! Whether you like dressing up or not, prepare your vocabulary for the Carnival!