El 32% de las ofertas de empleo en España incluyen el requisito de los de idiomas

Hace pocos meses se presentaba el Informe Adecco Infoempleo 2013 sobre empleabilidad en España, el cual incluye un capitulo sobre empleo e idiomas. De este informe se peude extraer que el año pasado casi el 32% de las ofertas de empleo en España incluían el requisito del conocimiento de uno o más idiomas, algo que toma cada vez más importancia ya que en 2011 esta cifra se situaba en torno al 28,7%. 

Aprende inglés viendo series y películas en versión original

¿Eres de los que elige versión original cuando se sienta a ver una serie? ¿la ves con subtítulos o sin ellos? ¿o eres de los que prefiere ver una película doblada al castellano? Se trata de un debate que siempre suele salir en conversaciones entre cinéfilos y seriefilos. Nosotros lo tenemos claro, si queremos aprender inglés la mejor opción es optar por la versión original.

The End is Near...!

For many, the end of the course means a period of relief and friendship bonds. It is as well when exams become more tangible, and our feeling of being under constant pressure skyrockets.

More importantly, this should be the right time to ckeck our learning experience and weighing the pros and cons: What have we learnt? What have we missed out? What can I do to imporve those questionable skills? This could be the best kick-off for next-year, new-level learning experience.

We wish you good luck during your examination period and hope to see you again next year!

A Series I Could Watch (and Learn)

At times, we wonder how we could improve our listening skills in a continuous way. Like we do in football, we could also find a topic we're keen on, or more importantly, a series that could meet our needs. There's a series online, fully available on youtube, which is ideal for beginners, pre-intermediate, or intermediate students, who can watch it whenever. It is called Extra English, and below you may find a sample episode. Enjoy it!

Do you Speak English?

The frustration felt by many when travelling abroad and not finding people who speak your language, is one of the reasons to add "learning languages" to our bucket list. However, the learning process is not a matter of one-year course or a few weeks in class: it involves full-time commitment and self-study. These are key to keep the language coming back to you when needed.

The following video is an exception of those who say not to speak English, in an attempt to get away with it.

Spoken English: Things You Should Know.

Have you ever written down (transcribed) a conversation between native or proficient speakers of English?

If you have, you will know that natural conversation is far more chaotic, far less structured than written text. It contains lots of reformulation, repetition, false starts, incomplete sentences, formulaic phrases, and unfinished questions.