The information as detailed below refers to the level test that must be taken by UMH students who are going to undertake an Erasmus stay and need to accredit their level of English, French, German or Italian.

Level Test Date: Friday, 2nd March 2018

Enrolment deadline: until Wednesday 28th February inclusive

Price: 12 euros for each Level test

Important information  on the day of the exam: The students need to show  their ID card and proof of payment for the Level tests in which they have enrolled.



The level test consists of two tests: The first one is to assess the language usage and reading/listening comprehension and the second one the oral expression.

In the case of the level test for the English language, the first test will be done online. In the other languages (French, Italian, German) the first test will be done written (on paper).

Regarding the second test  (oral expression), all the students will be examined in pairs (if the number of enrollees permits it), with an examining board in the corresponding language.

For a better organization, it is important that the candidate is clear about where and when they will need to take the first and second tests of the level  test for the language(s) in which they are being examined.