Level Test-laboratory access

From the FUMH Language Laboratory of Miguel Hernández University in Elche, we have created a Level Test to access the centre, totally free for those candidates who intend to study with us and cannot show their linguistic level through other forms of official certification.

With the present Level Test, we will be able to know your linguistic competence in the Use of English, Writing, Listening, Reading skills. After the completion of the Test, both the centre and the student, will receive a report with a breakdown of the grades  and an overall mark, indicating the course to which you will have access to study in the Language Laboratory.

Instructions for taking the level Test

It is VERY IMPORTANT to carefully read the following instructions for the optimal performance of the Laboratory Access Level Test. The result will very much depend on its optimal performance.

  • Before starting, you will be asked for your personal and academic details. Every candidate CAN TAKE THIS LEVEL TEST ONLY ONCE. Fill them in correctly in order to ensure the validity and effectiveness that is pursued.
  • The duration of the Test varies between 40 minutes and one hour and a half, depending on your level of English. The more level you have, the longer the test will last .
  • Each candidate is responsible for doing it, without external aids and without altering the final result through cheating and/or tricks. If so, you are only deceiving yourself.
  • The test consists of 4 different parts:Use of English, Writing,Listening and Reading.
  • For this part of the Listening, check that the sound on your computer works correctly through the following link: Listening
  • In case you cannot hear anything, we recommend that you review your computer's configuration, otherwise you will not be able to complete the Test correctly.
  • At the end of the Test, you will be shown the break down of the parts achieved and the overall result.In the same way, a thoroughly detailed report will be sent to your email account.

Take your time, Relax and go ahead