LLUMH Programme

What is it and what is the aim of LLUMH?

The aim of the LLUMH objective is to promote and boost the learning and use of the Valencian Language, official language of the Valencian Community. The purpose of this is that the whole UMH Community acquires the necessary knowledge and certifies their level in that language through the official bodies (Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements en Valencià o Comissió Interuniversitària d'Estandardització d'Acreditacions de Coneixements de Valencià, CIEACOVA).

This initiative is promoted by UMH and managed by the Language Laboratory.LLUMH  is a free training programme in Valencian for the whole UMH community.

This Valencian  semi-presential distance learning programme provides online training and two hours of on-site classes each week. (1 h of general training + 1h of Valencià a l´ùs  class).

The online training course is carried out through an interactive platform which has its own content of elaboration and with a large amount of audiovisual material, that will make learning more simple and dynamique.

Both the platform as well as the on-site classes will be available as from the 2nd. The course will end on the 25th of May 2018.