Following the Decree 61/2013, 17 May, of the Consell, in which he establishes a system for the recognition of competence in foreign languages in the Valencian Community and the creation of the Committee for the Certification of Levels of Competence in Foreign Languages, it is determined that:

"In the field of the Council Administration, the certificates and diplomas issued by the following bodies will be recognised as evidence of linguistic and communicative proficiency in the foreign languages:

●      Official Language Schools (EOIs).

●      Spanish Universities that follow the ACLES model.

●      Others listed in the Annex of this current Decree.

In the case of Spanish Universities, and for the purposes of the provisions of this Decree, their respective language centres shall be included in these".

For this purpose, and in order to respond to existing demand from the University community and society in general, Miguel Hernández University has achieved ACLES recognition and can thus issue Official Certificates in the English Language (B1, B2 and C1) from January 2014 onwards.