Concurso de relatos de Halloween

En primer lugar dar las gracias a todos los participantes por sus aportaciones. El departamento de inglés del Laboratorio de Idiomas ha quedado encantado con cada uno de ellos, y nos hubiese gustado publicarlos todos, sin embargo aquí encontraréis los que han resultado ganadores.




Last summer holiday, Ana and her parents went to a forest in a small town called Charleville. It was very hot in that forest, so her parents decided to sleep in a house next to the river that way, they would be fine and they would be in contact with nature.
At midnight, everybody was sleeping in the house but Ana didn’t want to sleep in order to listen to the nature’s sounds. Suddenly, she heard some voices, so she wanted to go out to check who could be around the house, Ana was curious. She found a small kid in the forest, his name was Simon. He told her few things; he was eight years old, he lived in the town and he also told her about his parents because they don’t love him, although he was happy in this place. 
The next morning Ana told her parents and the forest ranger about Simon. The forest ranger talked about Simon with Ana, and he told her the small boy was a ghost which wandered in the forest. Simon was eight years old when his parents killed him and… since then his spirit is in the forest. 



“A Horror Night”

It was midnight. I was reading a mystery book, comfortably sitting on my favourite chair. Everything was silent and my book reflected only a dim light. Suddenly, the light turned off. The room was dark and just a little light came in through the windows.

In a few seconds I started to hear cries and groans. I tried to turn the light on, but I did not get it. The strange noises were coming from the hall and I was petrified without being able to move from my chair.
In this very moment, shadows in strange shapes of faceless bodies approached me. I tried to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. When, abruptly, bloodless hands grabbed my neck, I jumped and found myself in a graveyard. Then I felt as if I was sweating and in that moment I woke up.
I left the mystery book on the chair and I made a lime blossom tea. Later, I tried to sleep, which I managed only at dawn.




It was October 31st 1983. I was on my way to a Halloween party. I was in a hurry, because I was a bit late. I was wearing a zombie costume and make-up. It was well past midnight when, walking down an empty street, I fell into an open drain.

Suddenly, everything got dark and I was terrified. I heard voices and loud music, so I got closer to see what was happening. To my surprise, I was in a real zombie world full of real zombies.

I spent a wonderful night with the zombies. Since that night, every October 31st I come back to the same drain to have a good time with ‘my friends’.



“The Sixth Sense”

Everything happened 10 years ago, when I was travelling with my boyfriend on the highway, in his car. Suddenly, he said: “Look, have you seen that girl? She’s wearing a white dress and holding  a doll in her hands! She’s sitting on the side of the road.” I felt so frustrated because I couldn’t see that girl. Anyway, he quickly drove back to the spot, but she wasn’t there.

For some time I thought the whole story had not been true, but a month later I went with him to a tea shop. My best friend, Vicente, worked in that place. He sat with us. Although my boyfriend didn’t know him, they started talking. Suddenly, my boyfriend’s face expression changed. He told my best friend: “Don’t move! There is a woman behind you! She’s forty years old. Her hair is brown. She’s telling me that you should keep calm. She’s saying not to worry and that she loves you and she’s always with you”.

Just imagine my friend’s and... my face! We were scared. That woman was my friend’s mother, who had died in a traffic accident when he was a young boy. His mother had not been able to say goodbye to him. And my friend still felt that heavy pain inside. However, he felt better and at peace after that. 
It was an incredible story and I now believe there’s another life after death.






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